South Asian Dance Competition TMP A Competition By Dancers For Dancers

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, New York, NY, Baruch Mason Hall Theatre

TMP 5.0-The Manhattan Project 5.0 is a competition that attracts over 1,500 people from all over the country to witness fusion dance at its best. Our objective is to provide a platform to showcase the talent and creativity of South Asian student dancers. With this goal in mind, we aim to spread the knowledge of South Asian culture and fusion dance to our diverse audience members and beyond.  This year’s competing teams are EuphorEk Ada, Boston University Chankaar, Chapel Hill Chalkaa, Maryland Dhoom, NCSU Nazaare, Penn Dhamaka, Rutgers Newark Ehsaas, Rutgers University SAPA, UIUC Fizaa, USC Moksha.  Sponsors include: Saavn, Premier Entertainment,, Platinum Dream Events, Chal Chilli, Aum Dance Creations, Aahana, AVS, Arya Dance Academy, NYU Shruti, Beat of Raas, Bollywood America.  To purchase tickets please visit:

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