News Blurb: Flamenco Festival in Düsseldorf, 11 Days of Flamenco Dancing

The most famous Flamenco events may still take place in Spain, but shortly after the genre’s annual highlights end in Jerez and Sevilla, many of the biggest names in Flamenco take their dancing shoes from Spain to Düsseldorf, Germany, where one of the largest festivals of its kind takes place at the tanzhaus nrw (Dance House North-Rhine Westphalia) from March 30 – April 9, 2012.

11 days of Flamenco dancing in Düsseldorf, with a focus on contemporary styles, by the world’s best performers on stage and by audiences in workshops and events, import Spanish culture galore.  All festival performances are premiers in Germany. The festival not only offers outstanding performances, many in innovative and contemporary choreographies by some of Flamenco’s biggest and mostly Spain-based stars, but also many opportunities for audience participation.  The 11 days of performances are paired with 6 days of workshops where dance enthusiasts can learn traditional and new Flamenco moves and related techniques from the world’s best dancers and teachers. All festival performances are premiers in Germany, and many include modern and innovative elements. Examples include “La Mar de Flamenco” by Joaquin Grilo, also called the “Elvis Presley of Flamenco,” who incorporates Rock’n’ Roll in his choreographies; or “De una pieza” by Madrid-based Olga Pericet, a solo-piece inspired by the Chinese puzzle “Tangram.” For more information, visit

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